Rewards Program Development

A Rewards Program is a profitable and successful tool to encourage customers to buy more products, a sales incentive (occasion-based or performance-based) to the distribution chain, method of recognizing valuable customers and rewarding loyal behavior.

Krypton team understands client’s need and client’s customer. We develop rewards programs for customers / channels, a DM plan with year-round response mechanism.

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We provide the best industry standard creative support to develop innovative creatives with the strength to execute efficiently.

From developing communication tool to promote the program, to design, copy, photography, generation of artwork and processing - our Development Studio covers everything.

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Database Management and Reporting

Krypton helps in managing and maintaining customer and channel data, updating data and data clean up. We also provide data mining support to understand characteristics, behavior and buying pattern of customers.

We develop software to manage loyalty programs, for data capture, de-duplication, data validation and redemption. Standard outputs offered are personalized letters, labels, statements and reports based on the desired output.

Krypton offers systems and software to maintain data security and confidentiality.

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Response Management

Managing customer enquiries is the key to success of a DM program or a scheme.

Krypton team understands the importance of the customer, and is equipped to handle enquiries through phone, fax, mail and e-mail.

In-bound Responses are collected and analyzed by Demographics, Psychographics and Behavioral Patterns.

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Fulfillment Services

Krypton offers bulk letter and envelope assembly, sorting, matching of articles and gift packing as part of the fulfillment services.

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Vendor Consultancy

Krypton understands client requirements on marketing collaterals and offers consultancy in area of vendor sourcing, item-wise cost identification and vendor production capacity and timelines.

Krypton also helps in defining parameters for vendors to maintain quality and service standards.

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Courier Consultancy
(Domestic & International)

Krypton involves itself in studying clients' dispatch locations and identifying mode of dispatch. From communication letters and mailers to large size articles, rewards and merchandising POP / POS items, Krypton understands the importance and objective of the dispatch and ensures careful execution and delivery.

Krypton's scope of work here also includes finalizing couriers, fixing rates, gauging zone-wise transit times, managing dispatch paperwork, tracking shipments and bill clearance.

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Order processing and Dispatch Management

A unique service, Krypton undertakes dispatch of all types of marketing collaterals / gift item / stationery. These are mainly for items either stocked at Krypton or items that are sent by client through vendors.

The scope of services includes client co-ordination, material ‘Q’ check, dispatch, reporting and query management.

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Storage & Warehousing

Clients have an advantage to annually plan the Merchandising items and rewards and get economies of scale while procurement. Fixed space in cubic ft. is allocated for stocking these items that are dispatched as per requirements, through the year.

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Modern Trade Merchandise Packing & Distribution

We specialize in managing logistics of large format product dispensers, MS stands, floor standing units and cutouts, etc.

Krypton offers consistent, premium, standardized quality of packing that ensures product safety in transit and adds value in time and cost saving to the client.

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